Exercise is your King and Nutrition your Queen

Benefits of finding the right nutritional balance:

  1. Healthy Weight Maintenance – If you focus on good nutrients, coupled with good quality, unprocessed foods such as vegetables, fruits and lean proteins, you will maintain a healthy weight.
  2. Improves Sporting Performance – correct nutrition & timing can help prevent injury, increase recovery time and improve performance in the sport or exercise of your choice
  3. Long, healthy life – Research shows that by consuming a healthy diet, you will live longer, and live better.
  4. Improves mental health and general wellbeing – exercise releases the feel good hormone, endorphin, which can lead to improved mood and reduced symptoms of anxiety or sadness.
  5. Improved Immune System – The right food is important to boost your immune system and avoid recurrent viruses or infections. We all know how Vitamin C boosts immunity.
  6. Reduced risk of disease – Nutrition has a positive impact on heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
  7.  Fights Ageing – Eating healthy will not only delay the ageing process but also keep you fit and healthy.
  8. Protects teeth & bones – Including dairy products in your meals like yogurt, milk, cheese, which are good sources of calcium, will help you in getting strong teeth and bones.
  9. Better digestive health – Nutrition helps keep the gastrointestinal tract healthy and functioning at its best.
  10. Increased hydration – Consuming healthy beverages (water, low fat dairy, and low calorie beverages) along with fruits and vegetables can keep you hydrated. At least 60% of the body is water.
  11. Increased energy Levels – good nutrition can avoid sugar dips and slumps which lead to feelings of fatigue.
  12. Improved Sleep – which in turn improves energy levels throughout the day
  13. Healthier kids – Better nutrition can help your kids be healthier in the future. Breastfeeding and introducing healthy foods early is the key.

Remember: Though many benefits of good nutrition today may not be realized until later in life, we can still benefit daily from a healthier lifestyle and eating habits.

Nutrition Packages:

Nutrition for Exercise and Sport is essential for your success. Our goal is to provide a structured eating plan to maximise your fitness sessions and recovery, which will help prevent injury and provide sustainable fuel for training plans.

Nutrition for weight loss is based around realistic goals and changing diet and lifestyle on a long term basis to achieve continued success.

Our strategy is to introduce small changes, choose the right foods and develop good nutritional habits which become part of your lifestyle and enable you to maintain a healthy weight. Support is continual and ongoing with weekly information sent by email. This is relevant to each client’s specific goal and likes/dislikes will supplement knowledge and encourage long-term, sustainable changes to diet and lifestyle.

  • As an additional service for PT sessions we can provide weekly food diary reviews, weigh ins, nutritional information and guidance at a reduced fee.